Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: “goddess.”
Swe (AW-sah)

The name is derived from the Old Norse, áss, meaning “god.”

The name appears in the Ynglinga’s Saga, as the name of the daughter of the Swedish king, Ingjald.

Other forms of the name include:

Aasa/Aase (Danish)
Asa (Danish/Swedish)
Åsa (Danish/Norwegian/Swedish)
Åse (Danish/Norwegian/Swedish)
Æsa (Faroese)
Ása (Icelandic)
Assa (Icelandic/Norwegian/Swedish)
Åselene (Norwegian)
Åsine (Norwegian)
Ássa/Ássá (Sami)

A few obscure masculine forms include the

Asi (Danish: archaic)
Ás (Icelandic)
Ási (Icelandic/Faroese/Old Norse)
Esi (Finnish)
Ase (Swedish: archaic)

        The designated name-day in Sweden is September 12.


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