A blog dedicated to legitimate baby names. Chronicalling legitimate first names that have had a history and were not made up.

I am a fictional writer and artist who loves to pull inspiration from the Lives of the Saints, mythology, folklore, the paranormal and religion. I am also interested in writing about the etymology and meaning of names. If you have any questions or names which you would like to see listed, please leave comments or send me an e-mail: cavylovershay@yahoo.com and I will do my research.

This blog is more of a database, it is constantly being updated and added to, so please feel free to check back and please feel free to dig through the archives. I created this site for those looking for unusual yet legitimate names. I also created this site for those who are curious to know the etymological and historical background to some common and traditional names as well.

I will include any name that is legitimate, no matter how bizarre or weird it may sound in certain societies.

Disclaimer: I will not list traditionally masculine name as female names no matter how popular they may be for girls. I mean no offense to the bearers of those names, but I would also like to remain true to the mission statement of this site.

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Tvisha, Twisha

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com
  • Origin: Sanskrit त्विषा
  • Gender: feminine
  • Meaning: “splendour; light”
  • (TWEE-shah)

The name comes directly from the Sanskrit word त्विषा meaning “splendour; light.” It can be transliterated as Tvisha or Twisha.


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